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Doug Castanedo is a successful hotel photographer who bases his work on three basic principles:

  • – Creative visual solutions
  • – Two decades of professional experience
  • – Dedicated planning and implementation

The results continue to capture the attention of some of the world’s leading hotel chains and ad agencies. They have been quick to recognize that hiring Doug for a location shoot is to ensure its success.

That success is guaranteed by Doug’s background as both a graphic designer and creative director, and his experience in printing. Or maybe it’s as simple as his natural ability to work with people at all levels. Whatever the reason, the result is that Doug Castanedo brings to life advertising and marketing concepts on a different visual scale.

Doug’s production experience encompasses locations as far-flung as Asia, South Pacific, Europe, South America and the Caribbean, and, of course, the United States.

Typical clients include hotel and resort developers and operators, cruise lines, ad agencies, management companies, architects, media networks and tourism bureaus.

Doug’s work has been presented the “Golden Ink Award” as well as numerous “Gold”, “Silver” and “Best Of Show” Addy Awards.